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Come hear this tale of love and death,
Such love cliche may be.
Of rot and cold these eyes do spy,
But neither one can see.

The skulls be laid upon his chest,
His grave three fathoms deep.
Blood red roses on his head;
These thorns are his to keep.

In death he lies within his bed
As narrow, as narrow can be.
His woman forever to weep for him
As he set out to sea.

Never to find her true love
Forever, Forever to grieve.
This woman forever to weep for him
Never does she retrieve.

And back at home this true love
She waits, she waits for thee.
But This woman, This true love
She will never be free.

"Oh dear, oh! My Own true love,
Will you come back to me?
My dear, Oh! My own true love
Come back, come from the sea."

At half past noon it comes for him
Upon royal decree
A messenger comes to him, to say,
"You must set out to sea."

So this captain and his crew,
So elegantly told,
This ship leaves port to sea it sails
To bring home silk and gold.

But woe upon this ship does come.
Something foul it be.
This captain faces all his crew.
Here comes mutiny.

At sea he fights his men.
Cousins and brothers alike.
He fights until they die,
Dealing deadly strikes.

At dawn, it does all end. Sunrise!
But this captain, cold,
He has no more strength to stand.
He dies all so bold.

Let their skulls be laid on his chest!
As ship and crew sinks!
The sea so green, engulfs them all,
Greedily it drinks.
This is a ballad I had written my senior year. Enjoy!
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November 18, 2012
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